How Chicks Watch Football

[All 2013 Fiesta Bowl photos courtesy of The Orlando Sentinel]

It was Central Texas versus Central Florida last night at the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. Not that I did a good job of following NCAA Football at all this year, but when I heard Baylor was playing UCF, I figured, what the hey, let’s watch.

My sister-in-law Angela, who practically nose bleeds with fury watching college football, was available to provide color commentary from her perch at the washing machine in Texas. You see, fellas, us female football fans have figured out how to multitask the chores around the play action!

Here’s me opening up with a typical John Madden line:

Our comments prior to the teams entering the locker room for their respective Come-To-Jesus meeting:

Avid followers of the Texas A&M Aggies along with Baylor, the concern for the future of the Texas Longhorns was shared, in true sports commentator style:



As the night waned on, it was clear UCF had a goal, and Baylor was out the door:

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