The Difference Between Seppuku and Harakiri


Yesterday, I found out my lucky numbers are 1 and 5, and my lucky days are Wednesday and Friday, even more luckier if the day falls on the 1st or the 5th. So let me put out this quick blog to promote luck on the 1st Wednesday of the year.

What else did I find out? I am the Hierophant, the motivating energy, a natural politician, with tendencies towards authoritarianism and jealousy.



I’m going to be 37 years old this year, a strong prime number. This is the 14th year of the 21st century, 1 + 4 = 5, so a lucky year.

In yesterday’s morning dream I was handed a key with a cobalt blue tag attached to it. It allowed me to park my car wherever I wanted. Keys in a dream represent unexpected changes.


Every year starts with me reading a letter addressed to myself, to be read in a reflective state. These were my favorite parts:

Not everyone comes as neatly packaged as you are, but almost everybody comes as neatly delusional as you are. No one’s the total package, especially you.

You’re not being snubbed, you’re being worried about. No one likes it when The Next Big Thing comes around. So take their hate like the champion you are. After all, you get to be hated for something you love to do, LOVE TO DO, and that’s a world’s first.

There are people that deserve [your] special attention. That have that special energy that’s worth putting out in the universe. Let the self-destructors self-destruct. You can always catch that show from the high bleachers anyways. But to watch an artist come alive? It’s a fantastic experience and you want the best vantage point for it.

The sacrifices we make do make us stronger, especially when those sacrifices are made towards excellence, and made for self-improvement. They become dangerous when the sacrifices serve everyone but the self, and you thankfully have grown beyond that mythology. You are your own person. You exist, and that’s all you have to account for. 


Cleaning out my notepad entries, I came upon this poem:

What is dominion, if only an outlet to administer fantasy, fear, and fact? 

What is the fantasy? Worlds within worlds.

What is fact? Spaces between spaces.

What is fear? For us Masters of descretion and deception, merely a tool for the trade.

The lever adapted to maintain the flow of malevolence and righteousness, the lever we control, we administrate. To pull the lever, you must not only know fear, but walk with it, befriend it, partner with it. Only then will you inherit its power.


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