My Favorite Kid

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We, really I, scrolled back over two whole pages of reviewed text, none of it needing editing.

“Wow, how did I get through so much so fast?” My editor asked.

“Because it’s some good shit.”

And it is. 

Parents lie all the time saying they don’t have a favorite child, but then they reveal waay after the nest has been emptied that Bobby Joe was Numero Uno. In parallel I love every character I create, but this bad boy, this mamma jamma, this sumbitch is my BABY. I love working on him. And right now, my revisions are focused on making my baby shine.

I smile wider today. It is a transition day. Last session of developmental work. Done with carving, now we smooth to a glistening polish. And who better to hang out with than my BABY. 

Yes, Johnny, I love you. Not right now though. Not right now.

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