Send Me An Angel (rev2)

My friends and I believe I met an angel in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here’s the story... We're at the Center of The Universe! The festival, that is, although the psilocybin and cannabinoids and diazapam coursing through my body makes me feel as if I'm standing on the sun. Arms swinging gaily, feet bee-bopping as my team … Continue reading Send Me An Angel (rev2)

Youse Gettin OLD Batboy

Not only was Colin Jost's jab at Batman's age so hilarious, it was very on point. 75 years with this "superhero" and the only thing that made him "super" was his belt. My writing partner and I rant frequently about the nonsense that is the Justice League. First, how is it that Batman can quit, … Continue reading Youse Gettin OLD Batboy

Shields Up, Swords Down, Invoke Sister Code

This is a tough day. The day prior, I spent two hours assessing all that's brought me to the case that I am today, and with the unlock of that vault, the visions, the faces, the incidences all start rushing back to the limelight. My mind, always going, always processing, is working this fresh batch … Continue reading Shields Up, Swords Down, Invoke Sister Code

Von Simeon, International Woman of Action!

It is not a relief to hold your debut novel in print format. In fact, it is the opposite. Your back tenses up. Your face sours. Your lower sphincter tightens. What the hell have I just done?? But then, your face loosens, slacking your cheeks enough to produce a smile. There. The Dedication Page. The … Continue reading Von Simeon, International Woman of Action!

Writing Prompt: Call Me Marzipan

NOTE: I took the challenge sicahue presented in my Ancient Astronauts post, and continued the story using the same writing prompt. [Writing Prompt: Someone goes into a unique store and buys an odd item; time = 15 minutes] The small girl busied with twisting long braids into each other, creating one long rope down the … Continue reading Writing Prompt: Call Me Marzipan

Get Your Fat, Lazy Ass Out The Way

I get absolutely annoyed when I read discourse on women struggling to kick down doors to enter the entertainment industry. Look, the door's been kicked open. WIDE open (Hurt Locker, anyone? ) The problem lies on the blobby, aged masses who happen to be male, whom restrict creative progress. Not all, obviously. But we gotta … Continue reading Get Your Fat, Lazy Ass Out The Way