Wikipedia Von And The Case Of The Exploding Shoes

So this happened this past weekend: And what was so weird about it was, I put no pressure or heat on the frames. As casually as any of you lenswearers would slide a pair of glasses onto your face, that's how much pressure I applied, and, PLACK!! They just...fell apart. But the event made me … Continue reading Wikipedia Von And The Case Of The Exploding Shoes

Studying Humans in Nashville, Tennessee

Original Post Date March 20, 2013 at 09:25 PM This blog shares social experimentation techniques that can help an author hone a more authentic storyline towards potential readers. No probes or electrodes necessary. Last Wednesday I left St. Petersburg for a road trip to Nashville, Tennessee. I hadn't left St. Pete since May 2012. Leaving … Continue reading Studying Humans in Nashville, Tennessee