Meet Sergeant Papi Chulo, The Company Guy

When in a pinch, when you need someone who's practiced in discretion, when you need a wingman, you call on Papi Chulo. Every unit's got this guy; the Puerto Rican/Cuban/Mexican/Dominican who's down for whatever! Johnny and Phoebe enlist Sgt. Papi Chulo in their antics:

Finals Schminals!

It's finals week at ye olde alma mater (see what I did there?). Remember finals? FINALS. Mind, body, and spirit just wigging out to appease the professor. Take a break, Sojourner of The Optimal Grade Point Average. I invite you to indulge in a bit of escapism. Enjoy my top 3 popular posts of the … Continue reading Finals Schminals!

Do I Care?

This week I commemorate two years of living in The Treehouse, and the metamorphosis from shadow artist to blissful writer.   During the journey, I made time to answer questions long unaddressed, by reading, reflecting and journaling. Constant journaling. This particular journal entry is one of my favorites; for one, expression of style really emerged, as … Continue reading Do I Care?

Fröhliche Kriskringlestag!

I’ve been to Bremen,Germany several times, mainly on guided school trips depending what was being studied, and a couple of jaunts around with the family unit, but it was the regular all-school trip to der Marktplatz on Kriskringlestag that excited me the most. My first recollection that Tuesday at the Kriskringlemarkt was of the air … Continue reading Fröhliche Kriskringlestag!

How to Lead Infantrywomen in Combat

This is so common sense, it amazes me how this topic continues to be a polemic. Why can’t everyone think like a soldier?

Carrying the Gun

One of the author's soldiers, 'Karina,' during a deployment to Afghanistan in 2009.
One of the author’s soldiers, ‘Karina,’ during a deployment to Afghanistan in 2009.

This is a guest post from friend of the blog Soren Sjogren, a Danish Army Officer who has led a mixed-gender infantry unit in combat.

Leading women in combat

Whether women are eligible to serve in combat units in the US is no longer a discussion. The first women have already passed basic infantry training and American junior officers will soon face the challenges of leading mixed units.

As a Danish army officer I have led mixed platoon-size combat units in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here is what I have learned about leading women in combat.

Do not focus on gender

Gender is not important. Ethnicity is not important either. What is important, however, is this simple question: Does this person deliver the results expected as a part of the team? The only standards to measure are…

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Enter The Blitzkrieg

T minus 9 minutes... First phase, see what we got that meets the graffiti on the wall. Second phase, see what needs to be created by scratch. Third phase, let the characters put themselves in order. Call them forward, write as that person until they're done telling their part of the story. Twelve minute nap. … Continue reading Enter The Blitzkrieg


7:04AM. Manuscript refitted to 82,834 from 90,000. I was actually startled by the sun already being up when I rolled my spine up straight. Bobby's had the bed to himself the entire night. He must be in doggy heaven. Can't really blink right now. I discovered if I'm cold, I won't fall asleep. Also, there … Continue reading LEFT THE CAPS LOCK ON

Too Big For My Britches

Original Post Date October 09, 2013 at 11:00 AM Technical difficulties send Von back to the draftboard. Technical issues, all day, every day this week! It started with a video call with my family, and my cousin informing me my Patch blog link doesn't come up at home. She lives in Panama (the country, not … Continue reading Too Big For My Britches

I Come From The Water

Original Post Date August 14, 2013 at 01:32 PM Von finds the answers to her editing problems underwater. Dive in! The story goes, my siblings and I learned how to swim by being tossed in the deep end of the pool, and the goal was to reach the awaiting parent on the opposite end before … Continue reading I Come From The Water

Today, Be Grateful

Original Post Date September 11, 2013 at 11:05 AM The author has way too much to smile about these days. What a gorgeous day! Do you feel that breeze? Mmm, smell that salty Gulf water. Isn't life grand? Of course it is. Which makes writing action sequences with intense hate-fueled violence increasingly difficult. I mean … Continue reading Today, Be Grateful