The Freedom to Write

I have a writer's callous. Very few people in the 21st century maintain a writer's callous, the telltale indentation on your dominant hand where you normally rest a pen.  Composition after composition, frustrated hand and head viciously working together against time, all the answers having to come out of your tired phalanges. And yet, even … Continue reading The Freedom to Write

Guilty By Association

"Your honor, all I did was retweet..." "This from the woman who wrote, 'I Blew Up Juarez'!" "*sigh* Ya got me, yah honah, ya got me..." My mental cutaway when I happened to catch on Twitter I was 'featured' in a webzine, only to find out it's someone's mash-up site. Such is the side affect … Continue reading Guilty By Association

The Sick Critic Awards

I've broken a record, folks. This is the longest I've gone (six days as of this composition) without being able to hold anything in:   But ya gotta make the most of these events, right? After all, that's why they invented Xbox. Since the room closest to the toilet is the living room, … Continue reading The Sick Critic Awards

Too Big For My Britches

Original Post Date October 09, 2013 at 11:00 AM Technical difficulties send Von back to the draftboard. Technical issues, all day, every day this week! It started with a video call with my family, and my cousin informing me my Patch blog link doesn't come up at home. She lives in Panama (the country, not … Continue reading Too Big For My Britches

My Editor Made Me Do It!

Original Post Date February 28, 2013 at 12:54 AM Handing over a manuscript to an editor is easy in theory, a metaphysical meltdown in practice.  It wasn't when I updated the file in Schrivener.  It wasn't when I selected File > Compile and created a PDF document of the manuscript.  And not even when I … Continue reading My Editor Made Me Do It!