Your Favorite German Is ON FACEBOOK

Today I'm debuting my official Facebook page for I Blew Up Juarez, my FIRST published fiction work! WILL be available in e-book and paperback format. VERY VERY excited, and I hope you are too! When you Like the page, you'll get updates about the novel, including Teaser Tuesdays. This is where I'll post an excerpt … Continue reading Your Favorite German Is ON FACEBOOK

[Video] BIG Announcement! TWO WAYS TO FIND IT: Here's the I Blew Up Juarez: A Novel Book Page OR

VIDEO: October Reading From I Blew Up Juarez (NSFW)

My Favorite Kid

We, really I, scrolled back over two whole pages of reviewed text, none of it needing editing."Wow, how did I get through so much so fast?" My editor asked."Because it's some good shit."And it is. Parents lie all the time saying they don't have a favorite child, but then they reveal waay after the nest has … Continue reading My Favorite Kid