The 2nd Time Around

What a beautiful Tampa Bay weekend, and such perfect weather for the annual Gasparilla Parade! If you're not familiar, this week-long event honors Tampa Bay's well-documented invasion of pirates. You have your typical big event fare - personal coolers stocked with beer, girls in skimpy booty shorts, guys dressed in their best Buccaneer paraphernalia. All … Continue reading The 2nd Time Around

All Sold Out! See You At The Show #iloveyou

The Case For Supporting [Adjective] Authors*

  I was raised an American. I physically developed, formulated a personality, practiced social graces, and made friends living abroad, almost entirely outside of the United States of America. Beyond America, as an American, no one gave a shit if your father was this race, your mother was that ethnicity, and certainly, without a hometown … Continue reading The Case For Supporting [Adjective] Authors*

I’m So Unusual

Original Post Date August 21, 2013 at 11:22 AM Down with an arm injury, the author spends a day admiring her hero, Cyndi Lauper. Yet another swath of severe thunderstorms rolled over Tampa Bay yesterday evening. Bobby and I napped as our lake saturated. At 7:12pm, the sun burst over as if it was high … Continue reading I’m So Unusual