Baby Is Back!

Literally drove under a tornado to get back to Da Burg! That and other tales from Wild America coming soon....

The Marquis de Sade named because I hurt myself doing these! 😀 Also Warrior braids, the flats to the front are to keep wisps out the eyes while driving. The flats to the back allow me to fit a cap in sketchy places. BUT, technique requires constant tension, thus my need to drop some ibuprofen before I get … Continue reading The Marquis de Sade

Road Prep

Getting ready to head on back! Found a leak while running the washer fluid, so am spending the day hanging out in the undercarriage. So long, cimarron red plains...

When My Host Isn’t Looking..

...I raid her fridge and create meals! Cucumber Tomato Salad with roasted chicken and fresh mozzarella...ahhh... Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, cracked pepper, sundried tomato chips as dressing. 😀

In Good Company

Allowing a day to heal at my host's comfortable place. Her cat checks on me intermittently as I raid her bookshelf. Like the company my novel keeps...

This Is The Stuff I Read On Vacation

Can't stop the madness...

Land Of The Roughnecks

Let's go ahead and assess this damage. Left foot meets right foot and I bow forward. Already I feel a pull in my lower back. Continue to weigh my torso so that my arms sink along the side of my legs, hands planting onto the floor. Definitely a strain. One more measure: bend the elbows … Continue reading Land Of The Roughnecks

Midwest, Ho!

All Packed! ETA 4AM CST

Where I'm headed, the Shady Brady is necessary... 😉