Sweet Lurline, Did You Just Pet Me??

Here I thought I had a sure project: a handyman I met through my neighbors eager for me to work with him on increasing visibility for his mobile business. Currently he's using Craigslist, but wants to get beyond that in order to attract a more reliable clientele and demonstrate credibility. That's super easy, I said, … Continue reading Sweet Lurline, Did You Just Pet Me??

Marry Me Already!

You guys absolutely RAWK. I put up my announcement, you show your support in kind. Faith in humanity restored, thanks to you! The lemonade stand is up! When you log into Facebook today, type in I Blew Up Juarez in the Search box, and LIKE LIKE LIKE my Book Page! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YQPDZnCL-M Happy Friday!

My Editor Made Me Do It!

Original Post Date February 28, 2013 at 12:54 AM Handing over a manuscript to an editor is easy in theory, a metaphysical meltdown in practice.  It wasn't when I updated the file in Schrivener.  It wasn't when I selected File > Compile and created a PDF document of the manuscript.  And not even when I … Continue reading My Editor Made Me Do It!