National Poetry Month 2015! Erotic Poetry

Every Friday this April, I am going to feature an original work here for your reading pleasure. Throw rotted fruit, sing praises, lemme know you just don’t get it, but do, please, have an experience. If you borrow the work, be polite and cite! This is a work-in-progress poem. Dog-eared for publication, but it's only … Continue reading National Poetry Month 2015! Erotic Poetry

In Search of the Ultimate Snog

SUMMER IS HERE! Which means more skin, more outdoor activities, and more bad decisions! Last summer I invested in online dating, validating my hypothesis that online or offline, crazy be crazy. This summer, I'm gonna save my money and do something simple... I'm gonna pull random make-out sessions. Think of a drive-by shooting, but instead of … Continue reading In Search of the Ultimate Snog

A Comedy Of EXTREME Errors

Borrowing my friend Waiting For Satan's blogging style, I pose to you the question: what should BA have done to work the situation to his favor?