Two Plates Two Bowls Two Glasses

Today the lake water has taken on a pumice hue. Ripples close in like busy worker ants towards the inlet, dumping froth along the coastline. Bitter, the air, the overnight drop in temperature simultaneously welcome and abhored. This morning instead of sipping a cup of coffee I puff on my glass bowl. There's much work … Continue reading Two Plates Two Bowls Two Glasses

Don’t Mistake My Listening To You For Caring About You

The white webbing between his fingers stretched to transparency; his  knuckles, flattened into the hard flex. His eyes were fishbowl large, his gaze, intense. The tightness around them signal extreme vulnerability, loneliness, fear of abandonment. My eyes returned to his hands bracing his dinner plate. Pleading hands, but not for me. For her. For her to … Continue reading Don’t Mistake My Listening To You For Caring About You

In Search of the Ultimate Snog

SUMMER IS HERE! Which means more skin, more outdoor activities, and more bad decisions! Last summer I invested in online dating, validating my hypothesis that online or offline, crazy be crazy. This summer, I'm gonna save my money and do something simple... I'm gonna pull random make-out sessions. Think of a drive-by shooting, but instead of … Continue reading In Search of the Ultimate Snog

Standing On My Toes To Kiss Him

This poem is bringing a lot of hits to the blog; thanks! Glad you like it, and since you like it, why don't I voice it for ya?  Let's do a follow on the link to open another window, come back here to start the video, then read along with me. Enjoy!  

Tulsa in 19

[WRITING PROMPT: Three times last week, Tulsa OK came up in conversation. This is a timed 15-minute based on the phenomenon] “Tulsa? Why Tulsa?” “Because that's where I'll be...” Immediately I'm hearing George Strait singing, 'Amarillo By Morning.' This jackass. The balls on her, really. “Did you hang up on me?” “Thinking about it.” “Don't be … Continue reading Tulsa in 19

Ascension To Love

With an exhale he resigned to his fate, not in the matter of settling, not in the matter of right-for-right-now, but knowing, ever so clearly, ever so authentically, that she, the woman sitting two seats to his left, is The One. That they met amongst friends was a save; he could inquire about her, inconspicuously, … Continue reading Ascension To Love

A Tale of Two Brians

[Writing Prompt: Revisit a famous book title, time = 30 minutes] NOTE: I actually got choked up writing this. Dayumn. The tea shop seemed the ideal place to have Brian meet me. After all, it's where he was Skyping me from all afternoon two weeks ago. I sat, legs pressed together tightly, with two chai teas, one for … Continue reading A Tale of Two Brians

Since You’re Not Busy…

Perhaps you need to look busy right now. Perhaps you have a relative in the vicinity you need to avoid. Whatever the reason, let me offer you a pleasant distraction, in the form of the top 3 popular blog posts of last week: Guaranteed Misery You Don't Have AIDS Han-Yaa-Say-Ohh! Happy Thanksgiving All!

Guaranteed Misery

[Photo courtesy of @sturdyAlex] If you're wondering what kind of person I am in a relationship, pay attention to the blue felt pen writer's responses. Pretty much my dating philosophy.

Worte von ein gebrochenes Herz

Words From a Broken Heart On our afternoon walk, Bobby and I came across a scattering of torn papers. Soaked from yesterday's scattered showers, now dried by today's warm lovely sun, I was intrigued to find the penwork on a few sheets still legible. I gathered them, and the edge of an envelope, and figured … Continue reading Worte von ein gebrochenes Herz