I Forgot How Trains Work

 Somewhere in Oklahoma... How dare you, Union Pacific, block off the ONLY road to the neighborhood I need to get to!! Alright, fine, roll on through... ...keep it moving... ...geeeeeeeeeez how long is this train? Hurry up slowpoke... ...wait, WHAT? Why are you stopping? Here?? IN FRONT OF ME??? (several torporific minutes pass) BACKWARDS?!?! You … Continue reading I Forgot How Trains Work

Road Prep

Getting ready to head on back! Found a leak while running the washer fluid, so am spending the day hanging out in the undercarriage. So long, cimarron red plains...

This Is The Stuff I Read On Vacation

Can't stop the madness...

Pt. 1 of 3: The Wingman Preliminary

[NOTE: Got big news for you, but why just blurt it out when I can make it a three-part reveal? 😛 Here's an attempt at flash NON-fiction...] Sitting cross-legged on the oak bench allowed what little breeze there was to enter between my thighs, a tender gesture of cooling relief to the genitals after walking … Continue reading Pt. 1 of 3: The Wingman Preliminary

Anything to declare? Don’t Go To Punxsutawney

Because I love you, I'm gonna save you some dignity. Trust me, you'll understand after you read. Back in the yearin Oh Seven, I had me a curio bout the Nordie folk tale of a rabbey en him magick hole. (Shouts to David Mitchell, yo) This was the beginning of Spring semester 2007. A fellow … Continue reading Anything to declare? Don’t Go To Punxsutawney