In Good Company

Allowing a day to heal at my host's comfortable place. Her cat checks on me intermittently as I raid her bookshelf. Like the company my novel keeps...

Land Of The Roughnecks

Let's go ahead and assess this damage. Left foot meets right foot and I bow forward. Already I feel a pull in my lower back. Continue to weigh my torso so that my arms sink along the side of my legs, hands planting onto the floor. Definitely a strain. One more measure: bend the elbows … Continue reading Land Of The Roughnecks

Midwest, Ho!

All Packed! ETA 4AM CST

Where I'm headed, the Shady Brady is necessary... 😉

Wherever I May Roam

    Yes folks, this is happening. I'm hittin' the road starting this week! Where to Von? I honestly don't know. I've got gas, I've got maps, I've got information and communication technologies, and I have a badge-wearing wingman to help drive and navigate. Why are you doing this Von? Life-wise, I need some sparkly fresh brand … Continue reading Wherever I May Roam

Pt. 3 of 3: The Wingman Draft

Part 1: The Wingman Preliminary Part 2: The Wingman Combine "You know what my dad calls this place?" I look above and around the chinch hanging on the walls and between tables, leveling my eyes at the sight of wooden peg games on each table top. A myriad of names pop in my mind. She … Continue reading Pt. 3 of 3: The Wingman Draft

Pt. 2 of 3: The Wingman Combine

Part 1: The Wingman Preliminary There should be more people out here than there is. No matter, as the rental chariot of the day, one Ford Fiesta, slides into a parking space in front of Paradise Grill. Immediately the smell of salt rushes up my nose and through my skull, making the center of my … Continue reading Pt. 2 of 3: The Wingman Combine