Instead of “Why Me?” Can We Do “What If?”

My mind is so bored. I wish to be inspired. Help me! I'm having a hard time working through contemporary fiction novels as of late. Once the story gets going, I feel less involved and more talked down. Once the story reaches it's epoch, I feel a, 'yeah, so?' instead of an investment. Endings leave … Continue reading Instead of “Why Me?” Can We Do “What If?”

Artistic Equality in America

Lorraine Hansberry, the first Black American woman to write a play performed on Broadway.

The Case For Supporting [Adjective] Authors*

  I was raised an American. I physically developed, formulated a personality, practiced social graces, and made friends living abroad, almost entirely outside of the United States of America. Beyond America, as an American, no one gave a shit if your father was this race, your mother was that ethnicity, and certainly, without a hometown … Continue reading The Case For Supporting [Adjective] Authors*

Dear White American Males Over The Age Of 62…

...telling a woman she has 'nice coloring' is NOT a compliment. Please desist immediately. Thank you, The Management.

My 1st Grade Self Declares You All Idiots

I had a rare event occur: a childhood flashback. I believe it was triggered by the discussion regarding American bigotry on BrainRant's blog, then called forward when the girls working out next to me switched the gym TV to Fox News: One typical work day at the elementary school office, Ms. Robinson (I think? Let's … Continue reading My 1st Grade Self Declares You All Idiots