Tales From The Notepad

April is National Poetry Month and I did jack doo doo about it. So, in a scramble to pull together an ode to poetry today, I scrolled to my Notepad app on my GS3, only to find I hadn't reinstalled it since the hard reset. Found it online, logged into my old account, and pulled … Continue reading Tales From The Notepad

Do I Care?

This week I commemorate two years of living in The Treehouse, and the metamorphosis from shadow artist to blissful writer.   During the journey, I made time to answer questions long unaddressed, by reading, reflecting and journaling. Constant journaling. This particular journal entry is one of my favorites; for one, expression of style really emerged, as … Continue reading Do I Care?

Time To Get Schooled on Science

Original Post Date August 07, 2013 at 12:02 PM Von is back to work, and in study mode. The author describes what to look forward to in the next few months. Study group, anyone? It's 1 AM. I quietly unlock the front door, and softly lower my boogie bag to the ground. Before I even take … Continue reading Time To Get Schooled on Science