7:04AM. Manuscript refitted to 82,834 from 90,000.

I was actually startled by the sun already being up when I rolled my spine up straight. Bobby’s had the bed to himself the entire night. He must be in doggy heaven.

Can’t really blink right now.

I discovered if I’m cold, I won’t fall asleep. Also, there are people who are not good at snark, but are determined to post comments anyways. Ahh, humanity!

The toughest thing in pulling an all-nighter is realizing you’ve just heaped on just as much work as you thought you cleared away. In my case, I discovered a fishtail in my ending chapters. Freakin’ freaky freak freak FUCK!

Sleeping on it. Best to sleep on these things.

7:10am. Going to bed now. Please leave witty, thoughtful comments. And of course, click to Follow my blog! Nothing like new friends.

Good morning.


What I Have Learned Through Bleary Eyes

Dang I’m tired.

Progress has been made. Gotten into Act Two. Dialogue is choppy, at best, and my brain’s too mushy to work in a fight scene. It’s appropriate, but I’ll literally need to sleep on it.

I learned that my friends in India are up and at ’em 4AM my time. Namaste to all of you, and thanks for viewing my blog. Please follow, and I’ll do the same. 🙂

What else have I discovered? The soft spot on my L-bend couch is sinking. Time to create a new soft spot.

I’m giving myself two more hours. My ass hurts from sitting between the couch and floor. I really need a standing desk.

I have also discovered several people starting blogs due to National Blog Posting Month. Some are really good, and I’ve followed the ones I liked. There are several that are not so good. But I like to see the effort put forward. What the world needs is more creative writers, and less bitchers. Just sayin’.

Another discovery: my playlist is so extensive, there has YET to be a repeat in this now seven hour venture.

Cracker Barrel seems like a GREAT idea right now.

My eyes are so bleary, as much as I can see this sexy Mexican goth curandera in my head, I just can’t seem to convey her beauty in words. Let’s hope she writes herself for me.

Alright, made it through 15-minute break. Back to it!