Wordless Wednesday: Ready For The Show

Bibliophiles Unite! Gig Sunday Featuring Your Favorite Madwoman…

Over 200 Followers and 500 Likes! Not Bad.

A token of my appreciation for you, my dear sweet reader...   http://youtu.be/NF6wU9nW_mI

VIDEO: October Reading From I Blew Up Juarez (NSFW)



Sitting here at T and Me Tea Company in Gulfport,  biding time until the open mic at Mangia Gourmet starts at 7:30.  What a perfect occasion to put in some NaBloPoMo time. Checked my stats, the WordPress tutorial was right about being obsessed with it, and I've had some views from South Korea. Which explains … Continue reading Han-yaa-say-ohh!

St Pete’s Got Talent: Open Mic Nights

Original Post Date April 11, 2013 at 10:14 PM The author celebrates National Poetry Month. This week's post is part one of a three part installment. The freeing energy that is the Open Mic experience. Snaps, snaps, snaps! The Academy of American Poets recognizes April as National Poetry Month.This blog will celebrate poets and poetry this … Continue reading St Pete’s Got Talent: Open Mic Nights

Live! Nude Women! Not Really (But Come Anyway)

Are you in the Tampa Bay/Saint Petersburg area, or, have a talent for traveling long distances in a relatively short time? Then I invite you to click on my Events page, read the invite, and attend   Prose and Storytelling Open Mic – Featured Presenter: Von Simeon