Send Me An Angel (rev2)

My friends and I believe I met an angel in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here’s the story... We're at the Center of The Universe! The festival, that is, although the psilocybin and cannabinoids and diazapam coursing through my body makes me feel as if I'm standing on the sun. Arms swinging gaily, feet bee-bopping as my team … Continue reading Send Me An Angel (rev2)

I Forgot How Trains Work

 Somewhere in Oklahoma... How dare you, Union Pacific, block off the ONLY road to the neighborhood I need to get to!! Alright, fine, roll on through... ...keep it moving... ...geeeeeeeeeez how long is this train? Hurry up slowpoke... ...wait, WHAT? Why are you stopping? Here?? IN FRONT OF ME??? (several torporific minutes pass) BACKWARDS?!?! You … Continue reading I Forgot How Trains Work