Epic Selfie Fail

Apparently, the mobile application for WordPress allows you to make a quick video, then upload it into a video post lickity split. Nah. Didn't happen. That was my attempt at a unique NaBloPoMo moment, but alas, no. I will tell you this: I got the arc done. Yessir! The arc. Is DONE. Which means, I … Continue reading Epic Selfie Fail

“Death Is Real”

Yesterday was a New Moon in Scorpio. You astrology enthusiasts know, the new moon signifies new beginnings, and the sign the moon phase occurs in determines the cosmic tone, if you will, for the cycle until the next moon. For me, new moon in Scorpio is usually a headbanger. I tend to experience something visceral … Continue reading “Death Is Real”

Summer Means Bikinis and Book Clubs

Original Post Date May 08, 2013 at 05:24 PM The author has a project plan for conquering the 2013 Summer season. Last week, I took my art too seriously. This week, I worked on recalibrating back to a placid state. I had good company in the form of my business partner, in town from Orlando … Continue reading Summer Means Bikinis and Book Clubs

How Conan The Destroyer Saved A Sagging Storyline

Original Post Date April 05, 2013 at 01:34 AM Where does inspiration come from when you're mentally, physically and artistically drained? The author reveals unique sources for recovering the dreaded sagging storyline. I feel honored to mention this, as I understand every novelist experiences this. I encountered a sagging storyline. I know, from reading the … Continue reading How Conan The Destroyer Saved A Sagging Storyline