Ayudame, Maria!

I'm so mad right now. Not angry with a someone, I'm angry with an institution, an administration. I'm mad because I followed the bazillion rules they have in order to qualify my disability, and then they turn around and COMPLETELY disregard what they were supposed to honor. You should know better you silly bitch! No … Continue reading Ayudame, Maria!

The Ol’ Put The Stick Down (PTSD)

Turning Rage Into Resolve   I'm Not The "Woe Is Me" Type   Roll That Rock, Sisyphus

Stank Ass Bitches

Find a seat close enough to the stage, but not directly in the lighting. There. Center spot, middle row right. Close to the door, in case... Just never fucking know. My body's still adapting to the new medication. Haven't been sleeping, my racing thoughts are a loud flip-book of a stick figure doing cartwheels. But … Continue reading Stank Ass Bitches

Turning Rage Into Resolve

His hand slowed its feverish massage as his laughter grew. “What the hell are we listening to?” I stop my humming and open my eyes, lifting my Galaxy to my face. “Chris LeDoux.” He shakes his head and keeps moving the mouse ball, putting the finishing touches on the design I made. A complete overhaul … Continue reading Turning Rage Into Resolve

Look Who Got A Haircut!

Resident M.H.D. Bobby hates my camera flash. Posted from WordPress for Android