It’s Dress Up Time!

Busy, busy, like a queen honeybee, pumping out ideas, designs, and information with little breaks in between to breathe. Ask for help will I? Why? Everything's under control, yep...everything is errythang. Whew. Who am I kidding?? These last two years, I had been producing works for publication and sale. After joining the band, I was … Continue reading It’s Dress Up Time!

Return of The Dancing Machine

Happy 2016 to you! Have you started off right? I sure have! Let's catch up: ☆ I am blissfully in love and loved in return. February 1st our two houses become one! ♤ Mental health treatment is going well; a slow, careful journey up a steep hill requiring patience. Working on 'patience' too. ♡ Authenticity … Continue reading Return of The Dancing Machine

If You Could Undo One Historical Event, Which Would It Be?

If you're a high-level thinking individual who's sexy to boot, then you're already enjoying Aeon Magazine. I appreciate their thought-provoking articles and intuitive content contributors. Recently, I beheld an interesting editorial section, Aeon Ideas, in which they posited: If you could undo one historical event, which would it be? Mr. Haselby responded with the U.S. Government response to … Continue reading If You Could Undo One Historical Event, Which Would It Be?

The Only Girl In Weightlifting Class

I spent the last two years of high school with this grueling schedule: 7am - 8am: color guard practice 8am - 4pm: honors courses 4pm - 6pm: marching band practice 7pm - 2am: work at my brother's store 3am - 6am: homework and maybe sleep You can imagine how difficult it was for me to … Continue reading The Only Girl In Weightlifting Class