Just In Time For Halloween

Inside this anthology you'll find yours truly in both prose and poem form! The story I submitted is from the perspective of a social predator locked in a holding facility, terrifying residents and staff alike. Oh and the evil person happens to be female 😉 There's three poems dedicated to women in the throes of … Continue reading Just In Time For Halloween

National Poetry Month 2015! Horror Poetry

Happy Friday and good news...it's still National Poetry Month! Hope you've enjoyed my contributions thus far. 😀 For our last NPM15 entry, I'm giving you a sneak preview of A Coterie of Diamonds. The excerpt below, The Dreamer, is a segment of my surreal narrative poem; the full piece will be featured in Thirteen o'Clock … Continue reading National Poetry Month 2015! Horror Poetry

Buy Me A Christmas Goose!

Feelin' exceptionally gifty and philanthropical? Consider supporting your favorite independent author/publisher with the cute face and phat ass! 😀 My debut action fiction novel, I Blew Up Juarez, is a sweet 99 cents until DECEMBER 26th. Since it's self-published, I get all your pennies! My horror short story, Tokyo Rose, is the opener to Night … Continue reading Buy Me A Christmas Goose!

Come Out To SpookEasy Friday Night!