A Creative Place

Here we are, the first week of November. It's still in the 80s here in Florida, with a tease of a cold front moving in this weekend. The Living Goddess Exhibit is turning into an exquisite piece of art, thanks to the collaborative effort of all artists involved. I'm really proud of this event, and … Continue reading A Creative Place

Just In Time For Halloween

Inside this anthology you'll find yours truly in both prose and poem form! The story I submitted is from the perspective of a social predator locked in a holding facility, terrifying residents and staff alike. Oh and the evil person happens to be female 😉 There's three poems dedicated to women in the throes of … Continue reading Just In Time For Halloween

Spooky Grooves For An All Hallows Mood

http://youtu.be/bp0PE4j-Yug   http://youtu.be/nKjRUZ63gWM   http://youtu.be/gCYcHz2k5x0    Happy Halloween!  

2013 Halloween: Rollin’ Holy

Ahh, Halloween! Love this celebration. You get to dress as any frightening creature you want, and in turn, you get hit on by frightening creatures all night long. It's like a regular night out but with all the ugly on the surface. This year, I was invited to a family-friendly party, so I decided to … Continue reading 2013 Halloween: Rollin’ Holy