Empowered By The Goddesses

Last night can't be undone. Magic happened to this scraping-by artist. Months of anxious planning and preparation, interrupted by life and health events, and here it was: my poetry exhibit. Performed beautifully by goddesses of their own caliber, embodying influential archetypes much needed in this post-election week. We gathered to share, we're not scared. When … Continue reading Empowered By The Goddesses

My Super Hot Photo Shoot, Part One

Edited manuscript? Check. Cover artwork? Check. Leading pages? Check. Author Photo? Hrmm. Do we really need to put a picture on the back of the book? Can't people just assume I'm a crazy-haired cat lady who watched too many G.I. Joe cartoons as a kid? Well, according to my friend Carolyn, everyone looks at the … Continue reading My Super Hot Photo Shoot, Part One