Why I Moved To Florida

Bobby and I went to North Beach this morning, a beautiful, sunny, 80º F. We practiced sighting and stalking, and, feeling ambitious,  Bobby climbed up a tree after a squirrel. This dog is amazeballs. Posted from WordPress for Android

Bill The Self-Publishing, Self-Congratulating Non Dom

He approached me, draped in black leather duster, black button-down top, black slacks, reeking of false confidence. His eyes, attempting to look seductive, could not hide the cloud of despair swirling inside his pupils. My host intercepted him, and asked who he was. The man introduced himself as Bill. Bill's from Baltimore, Bill found out … Continue reading Bill The Self-Publishing, Self-Congratulating Non Dom

Permed, Pulled, Puffy: A History of Von’s Hair

It was either the car gets washed, or I get a haircut. Not both. The weather forecast called for rain, so haircut it was. I like going to hair academies, because I make for an interesting test bunny. I have three different textures on my head: bone-straight indigenous thanks to Mom, tight kinky curl thanks … Continue reading Permed, Pulled, Puffy: A History of Von’s Hair

WE BE ARTY! (WARNING: Gratuitous Shower Scene)

Hello, I am an artist. No, wait! Stay! Seriously, I'm cool. I'm an artist, and my arty name is Von Simeon. Because that's what artists do; they give their creative persona a catchy name. Besides the naming convention, I also have arty tendencies to do arty things with other artfolk. We cruise events like we … Continue reading WE BE ARTY! (WARNING: Gratuitous Shower Scene)

We Got Cows

Original Post Date June 26, 2013 at 10:29 AM The author offers a chronicle on last night's storms across Saint Pete Beach. That was some storm yesterday, eh? The crazy part was, the entire day was textbook Florida sunny day. But come rush hour, and the sky amasses with pink cheeked grey clouds. As Bobby … Continue reading We Got Cows

Meet The Poets

Original Post Date April 24, 2013 at 10:40 PM The author celebrates National Poetry Month. This week's post is part three of a three part installment. This week we highlight published poets. We've celebrated National Poetry Month by getting in front of the microphone and performing our works, putting a poem in our pocket, and reminiscing on … Continue reading Meet The Poets

I Am In The Process of Being Published

Original Post Date February 24, 2013 at 06:54 PM This blog will chronicle the adventures of becoming a published author in Saint Petersburg. Two years ago I said "toodles" to the workforce, packed up my car and drove from Texas to retire in lovely, coastal Florida. Six novels later, I am venturing into the realm … Continue reading I Am In The Process of Being Published

Full Moon In Aries

I fancy myself a photographer. Here's some shots of tonight's moon over my lake through the Australian pine. The mass behind it is a Banyan tree.