Writing Prompt: Dirty Bunny

[Fun day with Writer's Block last Sunday! This was an ekphrastic exercise, my favorite timed prompt. Here's what I produced in the 15 minute time frame.] Concept: Observe one of the featured paintings on the Community Cafe wall, and write in response. He bought me this bunny. He bought me this bunny because when we … Continue reading Writing Prompt: Dirty Bunny

That New Schlong Feel

"So you got a girlfriend?" "Why have a girlfriend?" "So you don't live alone." "I live alone." Ambitious. But then again, they all are. "Ech," I shrug, " People will talk. This town? They all up in everyone's business." The corner of his mouth lifts, "I don't live here." We high five. Moments later, he … Continue reading That New Schlong Feel

Von Simeon, International Woman of Action!

It is not a relief to hold your debut novel in print format. In fact, it is the opposite. Your back tenses up. Your face sours. Your lower sphincter tightens. What the hell have I just done?? But then, your face loosens, slacking your cheeks enough to produce a smile. There. The Dedication Page. The … Continue reading Von Simeon, International Woman of Action!

Dreaming of Ancient Astronauts Again

[Writing Prompt: Someone goes into a unique store and buys an odd item time = 15 minutes] The door stuck at her efforts to pull it open. A foot against the wall finally helped pry it open, revealing the remnants of a long forgotten book store. She allowed the sunlight to fill the doorway. The … Continue reading Dreaming of Ancient Astronauts Again

A Tale of Two Brians

[Writing Prompt: Revisit a famous book title, time = 30 minutes] NOTE: I actually got choked up writing this. Dayumn. The tea shop seemed the ideal place to have Brian meet me. After all, it's where he was Skyping me from all afternoon two weeks ago. I sat, legs pressed together tightly, with two chai teas, one for … Continue reading A Tale of Two Brians

The Sorority Meeting Has Been Cancelled

Sometimes you have to decide...do I want to join a sorority, or do I want to get in the drug game? Johnny makes the decision for Mimi. [Warning: Strong language] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne1eQI9IyL0

‘The number of times I’ve puked in the Walgreens bathroom is becoming way too much for my pride.’

[Writing prompt courtesy of textsfromlastnight.com; time = 15 minutes] The number of times I've puked in the Walgreens bathroom is becoming way too much for my pride. Whatever's left of it anyways. That girl ripped my balls off with volition, sprinkled with determination. My fault, really. The drinking is, well, a problem. The intersection of … Continue reading ‘The number of times I’ve puked in the Walgreens bathroom is becoming way too much for my pride.’

You Don’t Have AIDS

The screen flashes my age: 26. Then a figure in a triangle shape, signifying female. After that it displays my height, five feet eight inches. The screen clears to zero, which is the digital scale's signal for me to place the pads of my feet on top of the sensors. The screen momentarily goes blank, … Continue reading You Don’t Have AIDS