Confidence and Adversity Shouldn’t Fight

I had that moment again. The garrulous absurdity to actualize my station in life out loud, in front of other people. A verbal check-in/confirmation: I am at where I planned to be this time two years ago. I am on schedule. The result of that mis-slip of affirmation: a reminder someone else hasn't got it … Continue reading Confidence and Adversity Shouldn’t Fight

Von’s Party Mix! or, Idiosyncratic Writing Tactics

The ol' working-out-a-scene-while-doing-cardio helped piece together the revamped opener to Act Two. This gem of a song popped up on the playlist and encouraged the creepiness forward: Listening to this conjured up an intuitive conversation between the protagonist and one of the super beings: I have this song playing off a balcony as … Continue reading Von’s Party Mix! or, Idiosyncratic Writing Tactics

To Read Or Not To Read?

Original Post Date May 15, 2013 at 10:22 PM The author weighs in on the opinion of reading fiction to qualify to write fiction. "To be a good fiction writer you have to read fiction." Is this true? I'll offer substance for both arguments. Don't Read In Order To Write Many writers' blogs warn of … Continue reading To Read Or Not To Read?