National Poetry Month 2015! Interactive Poetry

Every Friday this April, I am going to feature an original work here for your reading pleasure. Throw rotted fruit, sing praises, lemme know you just don't get it, but do, please, have an experience. If you borrow the work, be polite and cite! Today's National Poetry Month contribution is the full poem featured during January's Fantastic Ekphrastic! … Continue reading National Poetry Month 2015! Interactive Poetry

National Poetry Month 2015! Poem It Up Fridays

It's National Poetry Month, ya'll! What a great year for poetry thus far: During January's Fantastic Ekphrastic, an ensemble from Studio@620 performed my tormented-God-of-Love poem Arc Angel. In February, my psycho-terror narrative poem, A Coterie of Diamonds, was accepted for publication. March, I joined fellow local literary writers for award-winning poet Peter Hargitai's poetry workshop. … Continue reading National Poetry Month 2015! Poem It Up Fridays

Behind The Poetry: ArcAngel

[Starting something new this year; let's see if you dig it.] November 2014, I received a Facebook message from the founder of Keep St. Pete Lit, soliciting submissions for their event, Fantastic Ekphrastic! Ekphrastic poetry is my favorite format, so I felt it was a good fit. I immediately thanked Maureen McDole for including me, … Continue reading Behind The Poetry: ArcAngel

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