Fröhliche Kriskringlestag!

I’ve been to Bremen,Germany several times, mainly on guided school trips depending what was being studied, and a couple of jaunts around with the family unit, but it was the regular all-school trip to der Marktplatz on Kriskringlestag that excited me the most. My first recollection that Tuesday at the Kriskringlemarkt was of the air … Continue reading Fröhliche Kriskringlestag!

A Reality Check For My Birthday

Original Post Date May 01, 2013 at 06:58 PM The author celebrates her birthday by remembering why she moved to the beach in the first place. My dog is dying. Gracefully, in the form a leaf browned takes as it detaches from its tree, floating floating towards its destination. As he physically expires I'm more … Continue reading A Reality Check For My Birthday