Behind The Poetry: ArcAngel

[Starting something new this year; let's see if you dig it.] November 2014, I received a Facebook message from the founder of Keep St. Pete Lit, soliciting submissions for their event, Fantastic Ekphrastic! Ekphrastic poetry is my favorite format, so I felt it was a good fit. I immediately thanked Maureen McDole for including me, … Continue reading Behind The Poetry: ArcAngel

Up For A Challenge?

UPDATED 05.19.14: Here's my reaction to Sandy Henry's challenge...enjoy! The air is thin where you areand yetI gasp for airgrasp at stonesclimb higher ever higherto wheezein a forever moment. Youaloft in Prakritilaughing with your fellow demigodsand yet Ican see you therewhich means I can be there too. But how? But how?The climb up Babelhas left me dizzymy heartlub … Continue reading Up For A Challenge?

En Homage To My Favorite Hungarian

Peter Hargitai is a Master poet and composer who has taught at several American universities and is finally retired in Saint Petersburg. His works I wish I could match in depravity and humor, and so, I treat his writing style as the gold ring to retrieve. You can find his works out in iPubs.   … Continue reading En Homage To My Favorite Hungarian