The Other Woman

[Flash Fiction writing prompt, time = 30 minutes]Didn't expect to be here again.Then again, didn't expect it to be me standing before her, she, crumpled against the ground, crying. From my position at the height of the stairs I'm looking down at her, legs splayed, black dog on leash to one side, dressed in all … Continue reading The Other Woman

Eviction Number Four

Police knock at the front door. The lock is picked. “Sheriff's Office!” I scurry to the bathroom and press into the far left corner. If he opens fire, I'll be out of range. This will be Eviction Number Four, in the two years I've lived here. The first eviction seemed legitimate. A couple, young, brash, … Continue reading Eviction Number Four

Shake My Hand Like A Man

Yesterday Bobby and I walked over to the path we usually take around the lake. Sitting on a stoop, presumably waiting on the omnipresent Fred, was an unfamiliar person. I, always quick to assess my environs and collect information on hangers about, approached him, letting Bobby sniff him up. The man was not fighting off … Continue reading Shake My Hand Like A Man

Today, Be Grateful

Original Post Date September 11, 2013 at 11:05 AM The author has way too much to smile about these days. What a gorgeous day! Do you feel that breeze? Mmm, smell that salty Gulf water. Isn't life grand? Of course it is. Which makes writing action sequences with intense hate-fueled violence increasingly difficult. I mean … Continue reading Today, Be Grateful