Hair like wool, eyes like fire, feet like burnished bronze…

I've gotta do something about all this hair! Ohh, how cute, a dark-hued person and a light-hued person mated and made a cappuccino cutie! Yeah?, well, these cappuccino cuties grow up with really fucked up hair!!! No, no, it's not that bad. Genes are a helluva thing, though. My indigenous heritage wants to grow thick and long. My African heritage wants … Continue reading Hair like wool, eyes like fire, feet like burnished bronze…

Swept Aside

All summer long, my naturally curly tresses stayed in various forms of braid. Not only is this a way to combat Florida's famous humidity, but a natural means to encourage growth. Results: three full inches of new growth, softer kink, and even layers! Why heap pounds of hair onto your scalp when you can suck … Continue reading Swept Aside

The Marquis de Sade named because I hurt myself doing these! 😀 Also Warrior braids, the flats to the front are to keep wisps out the eyes while driving. The flats to the back allow me to fit a cap in sketchy places. BUT, technique requires constant tension, thus my need to drop some ibuprofen before I get … Continue reading The Marquis de Sade

Twist In A Jiffy!

Braiding other people's hair is an exercise in subtle sadism. Check out my girl's sun-kissed strands in a full French braid! Every time she screamed Ow! I snickered.

The Leia

Not as pretty as I had intended; I blame my right ulnar nerve. But, you get the idea - three down each side, twist their ends to the back, fold the ends into the main French braid down to the nape and tuck under.