The Grendel

Like Beowulf's nemesis, this braid is sloppy but necessary. Part down the middle, then pull the hair from middle to scalp line, essentially twisting towards the ends of the tresses. For flair, braid outward facing so that the braid raises up. Me, I just finished a day on my bicycle so flair was the LAST … Continue reading The Grendel

The Summer Sweetheart

 Functional style that'll have you ready for sand volleyball, deep water diving, or naked sunbathing! Twist down face framers, stop short at the nape. For each side, French braid the center, meet the French tail with the face framer tail and bind with the rest of the hair at the nape. Roll under and secure.  … Continue reading The Summer Sweetheart

The Hildegaard

Torrential rain makes hairstyling a moot point. Taking a cue from the German hausfraus... braid it over, twist it down. Wunderbar!