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How Many Times Do I Need To Talk To You??

There's the end! Look, it's the beginning! Ah! The End! No, it's The Beginning!
There’s the end! Look, it’s the beginning! Ah! The End! No, it’s The Beginning!

I said this out loud today. To my supporting character.

As the photo demonstrates, I am chasing my tail, creatively speaking. I’m so close to clamping the end of this danged revision. Seriously, I can smell the “The End”! But then I have that, oh, but one more thing… moment, feeling I’m closing out the story without providing enough for the reader to close out to.

If I’m not careful, this is gonna become Lonesome Dove sized! And the sad thing is, even if I do add on and add on, once the editor gets his hands on it, it might not even matter.

Taking a break, for now. I’ll ooze out the remainder of what I think is necessary into the file, and I bet 70% will be trashed by the next time I read this. Oh, sweet Muses, get me out of this spiral!

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