Von Recommends: Pitchfork’s ‘Rite of Passion’

The three hardest words to say are, "I need help," even more difficult when you're an artist, in a feverish industry more about judging than relating (see American Idol). This beautiful, talented artist is my current hero, Michael Angelakos, lead singer of Passion Pit, one of my favorite bands of the 21st century. Please find the … Continue reading Von Recommends: Pitchfork’s ‘Rite of Passion’

We Need To Talk About Von

Six months have passed. Time for my treatment plan review. The opening visit was with my therapist. I swear, he's going to write a book with all the one-liners I toss at him, describing my foray into socialization and the ensuing, consistent failures. I rarely get in to see him; he's got 130 clients besides … Continue reading We Need To Talk About Von

Ayudame, Maria!

I'm so mad right now. Not angry with a someone, I'm angry with an institution, an administration. I'm mad because I followed the bazillion rules they have in order to qualify my disability, and then they turn around and COMPLETELY disregard what they were supposed to honor. You should know better you silly bitch! No … Continue reading Ayudame, Maria!

Roll That Rock, Sisyphus

[NOTE: Last month I lost followers after posting about a truly difficult moment regarding my violent behavior. This is MY blog, and I use it to convey whatever I want, artistically or otherwise. Those of you who judge me for being truthful about my life, please keep it moving. I don't want to hear from … Continue reading Roll That Rock, Sisyphus