Keepin’ It Local, Keepin’ It NaNo

Shouts to starrschaos, our wonderful Municipal Liaison for St. Petersburg, Florida! Thank you for my laptop badge! 😀

Worte von ein gebrochenes Herz

Words From a Broken Heart On our afternoon walk, Bobby and I came across a scattering of torn papers. Soaked from yesterday's scattered showers, now dried by today's warm lovely sun, I was intrigued to find the penwork on a few sheets still legible. I gathered them, and the edge of an envelope, and figured … Continue reading Worte von ein gebrochenes Herz

WE BE ARTY! (WARNING: Gratuitous Shower Scene)

Hello, I am an artist. No, wait! Stay! Seriously, I'm cool. I'm an artist, and my arty name is Von Simeon. Because that's what artists do; they give their creative persona a catchy name. Besides the naming convention, I also have arty tendencies to do arty things with other artfolk. We cruise events like we … Continue reading WE BE ARTY! (WARNING: Gratuitous Shower Scene)

How To Spend A Hot Summer Day

Original Post Date July 03, 2013 at 10:29 AM The author beats the heat by walking down memory lane. Two original poems included! We are well in the throes of Summer, and for me, that means limited outside time. Which I kinda master. As a writer, I'm naturally inclined to be a shut-in. One recent … Continue reading How To Spend A Hot Summer Day