The Case For Supporting [Adjective] Authors*

  I was raised an American. I physically developed, formulated a personality, practiced social graces, and made friends living abroad, almost entirely outside of the United States of America. Beyond America, as an American, no one gave a shit if your father was this race, your mother was that ethnicity, and certainly, without a hometown … Continue reading The Case For Supporting [Adjective] Authors*

Getting Emo About NaNo

12 days into December, and I've yet had a proper come-down from the literary Iron Man that was National Novel Writing Month. Because of the food holiday break and an unfortunate event involving my truck, I've ignored acknowledging my experience, which is important to do if one intends to continue writing. So I'll use this … Continue reading Getting Emo About NaNo

A Message from the Leadership at Penn State

[NOTE: I attended Penn State University and proudly earned my Master of Science in 2008, before the Sandusky/Paterno incident occurred. I was not on campus at the time these events were revealed. I abhore the actions of a small group of elitists over vulnerable children. I do not deserve the mockery, the heinous comments, and … Continue reading A Message from the Leadership at Penn State