Only REAL Thugs Wear Pregnancy Pants

Got some hitters on your tail? Need to shake ’em off? Better put on your fight suit: black shirt, combat boots, pregnancy pants!? Johnny Saucedo makes it work:


NEW READING: After The Earth-Shattering Kaboom

Just in time for the holidays! My gift to you, my sweet darling blog follower. I LOVE YOU!

My novel, I Blew Up Juarez, is still on track to be released end of February, which I am sure by title alone, you’re ready to pick it up and peel through it! This presentation was done in October for a local writer’s group in Saint Petersburg. The chapters I am reading in the video are the immediate events after Johnny Saucedo blows up Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. We meet Phoebe, her best friend since childhood, her husband Iwan, an Army Sergeant Major, and Mimi, a hapless college student who happens to be related to Johnny’s gun running partner.

So much going on in just 15 minutes! Are you ready to escape into the hard slap, fast moving story? Just hit Play:

My Favorite Kid

We, really I, scrolled back over two whole pages of reviewed text, none of it needing editing.

“Wow, how did I get through so much so fast?” My editor asked.

“Because it’s some good shit.”

And it is. 

Parents lie all the time saying they don’t have a favorite child, but then they reveal waay after the nest has been emptied that Bobby Joe was Numero Uno. In parallel I love every character I create, but this bad boy, this mamma jamma, this sumbitch is my BABY. I love working on him. And right now, my revisions are focused on making my baby shine.

I smile wider today. It is a transition day. Last session of developmental work. Done with carving, now we smooth to a glistening polish. And who better to hang out with than my BABY. 

Yes, Johnny, I love you. Not right now though. Not right now.