My Day Under $5

We, Gina and I, had it in our heads we'd spend the afternoon at the Tampa IKEA. But that just didn't happen. Why? We couldn't stop talking about the thrift store. It started so innocently. I needed to get new shoes on the Cool Whip. She needed to see if a certain top was … Continue reading My Day Under $5

Stinging Caterpillars Can’t Hold Me Down

Like my divine counterpart, I too, rested on Sunday. Slept in, played with the dogs, had a full brunch, saw my Johnny, took a long nap. Went back to work on I Blew Up Juarez revisions, crankin' up the Norteño to inspire a hilarious exchange in a Zaragoza neighborhood. Spent the evening Skyping with my favorite person … Continue reading Stinging Caterpillars Can’t Hold Me Down