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Alchemy Fest 2016

SUNDAY, APRIL 17, Noon-5 p.m. UNITY CAMPUS, ST. PETERSBURG St. Petersburg’s 11th Annual Celebration of Music, Art and Mother Earth Alchemy Fest features live music, interactive arts and …

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Alchemy Fest 2016

SUNDAY, APRIL 17, Noon-5 p.m. UNITY CAMPUS, ST. PETERSBURG St. Petersburg’s 11th Annual Celebration of Music, Art and Mother Earth Alchemy Fest features live music, interactive arts and …

Source: Alchemy Fest 2016

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Four Short Poems by Joseph Campbell –

Things I’m Willing To Believe About Lin-Manuel Miranda

Now I DEFINITELY want to see Hamilton! #COYR

Cookies + Sangria

On January 11th, one of America’s founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, celebrated what would’ve been his 259th or 261st birthday – no one actually knows the exact year of his birth. On January 16th, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Puerto Rican-American writer/composer/lyricist/actor/rapper/gaming enthusiast/dad/husband all-around “genius” will be celebrating his 36th birthday – we’re relying on Wikipedia for this fact. And today, we celebrate Lin’s life a day early, honoring a man who is leading his own revolution in New York as the creator and star of Hamilton.

Since Hamilton debuted at The Public Theater in New York last February, the show has earned rave review after rave review, and garnered a huge fanbase that includes theatre nerds to hip-hop stars to the young and the old to the AOL users to the #HamiltonTrash on Tumblr. The show that started in Lin’s brain has affected not only the entire nation, but the world as a whole, with people from every corner of the…

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When I lollygag, or procrastinate, it’s because I’m reading beautiful poetry.😀


There you lie
Flat in ivy clad tree
Your young back
Flexible against hard wood
Irregular curves
Whilst I ache
With invading chill

My return
Just as death
Is not to remind you
You’ll think of this day
As if we captured it on camera
The length of grass
How my head was lost in light
My features burnt out of sight
In a sudden cast of sun

You’ll make up stories
Where none existed
Looking for clues
Among trees like woodpecker
Choosing bark

Oh, I long to tell you
It’s all nonsense
One day you’ll be
Standing too close
To sun and another 
With similar eyes
Shall prove
Youth is
Wasted on
Young and
Old alike we never
Until it’s taken away

I came back empty of clever things to say
Touch your wrist
Make up what has
In slow loose stitch
Fallen into disaray
Skip a…

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Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Wisdom comes from the humble phrase:  “I don’t know.”

Courage comes from accepting that phrase and acting boldly anyways.

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Can’t Wait To Read This!


I will worship Grace Jones if she is proved a demigod. Her autobiography will be out at the end of the month. Looking forward to learning from the original “Mad Woman” of my generation:

I Wish I Had A Fisherman’s Patience

At Albert Whitted Park this morning, I observed a man with a weighted net sitting by the water. He waitedfisherman on someone as he stared into the lapping waves. I started my morning walk around him, and by the time I was done, he was still there, but this time, casting the net into the water. The person he was waiting on finally arrived.

I was able to do a half mile on my own today. Been out of the hospital now three weeks, but the muscle memory hasn’t kicked in fast enough for my desire. It only takes three days of inactivity for a body to lose its energy. I feel like an old woman, even though 40 is a couple years’ off.

Yet I push, and try to make the most of non-rainy moments. Sucks to be stuck in the house with no interest in writing or books when that’s all I’m surrounded by. I want to be out! I want to grab a beer. I want to talk to someone in their face, not by text messaging. I am bored.

Update your blog, I consider, and I consider that, in its abandon, something called SEMALT has taken over. I shudder knowing an innocent photo of me has likely been transmogrified into something completely different, in the universe of a Nicki Minaj cover photo. What am I gonna do; go up against some bloke in Brazil? Whatever man. As long as you are able to occupy your day.

To which I’m trying to do. Occupy time in a small space with limited mobility. Damn, damn, damn, this sucks! Someone entertain me! Pick me up, drive for me, trust me, I’ll be entertaining.

<sigh> I’m getting there. I feel that’s my life right now, waiting on me to show up, so we can play in the waters again. A fisherman’s patience, I wish I had.

Eros Be Damned

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Von Simeon

[Usually periwinkle blue, today I’m feeling more midnight blue, no glitter. Here’s a pseudocode of a poem which might go somewhere, eventually. Shouts to William Butler Yeats, yo]

Love is Pain.

is a meat grinder for broken hearts.

“ “ cayenne pepper in the eye, lemon in a fresh paper cut.

keeps me awake, gives me night sweats, drenches my sleep shirt, mats my hair.

makes me want to commit Hate crimes – not out of principle, but out of circumstance.

= the Devil.


Like Lucifer, Love is the brightest Light. Perhaps that’s Pain itself – Light fighting to burst past Pride, but the walls are too thick.

It’s the Light, pushing pushing, making friction, heating as it churns with vicious velocity, burning within.

Love is a fighter.

is fortified by Hope, driven by Resolve.

“ “ a twin, and champions its pair…

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PRIDE Weekend! Celebrate ONE Love



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