View From My Coffee Cup

Watauga County, North Carolina

Art Therapy For Violent People

Today I feel like shoving my thumbs into every face I meet. I can, and I will, apply pressure until an eyeball is resting in each palm, until each ocular cavity is crushed in by my fists. Then, and only then, will I feel human again. If this activity seems rational and purposeful, we need … Continue reading Art Therapy For Violent People

No Fear. No Doubt. Lose Control.

How To Deal With People

Another Friday night Netflix-whorin' (trademark!), and I decided to settle in on Nick Offerman: American Ham. It's an hour and nineteen stand up performance, and I found it delightful; you shall too. What I valued from watching this was his hysterical delivery of ten principles he utilizes to get through life. Nick's performance reminded me … Continue reading How To Deal With People

Plans… What Plans…?

First poem of 2015: Today is my last day of vacay. I have no plans. I really have no goals to achieve in the immediate future. My calendar shows a series of blank fields. Unprecedented! Here's the thing: every year of my adult life I've needed a focal point. By 1 December, I would have … Continue reading Plans… What Plans…?

Three Years of Resident Evil

When I moved here December 8, 2011, I had only one intention; to peel away the dead flesh and let someone I'd rather know emerge. I like Von Simeon; she's a much more interesting person than whoever the fuck I was before.  Historically a flight risk, I've renewed my stay at this brownstone for yet … Continue reading Three Years of Resident Evil