Mountain Dog

In a day's time, Roberto Tiberius has gone from puppylike couch dog to doe-startling Rotweiljäger. It's the mountain air, I tell ya, it has filled his canine lungs with the remembrance of his natural abilities, the truest call of the wild. Bobby kayaked with us up the New River, tussled with a HUGE year old … Continue reading Mountain Dog

Two Plates Two Bowls Two Glasses

Today the lake water has taken on a pumice hue. Ripples close in like busy worker ants towards the inlet, dumping froth along the coastline. Bitter, the air, the overnight drop in temperature simultaneously welcome and abhored. This morning instead of sipping a cup of coffee I puff on my glass bowl. There's much work … Continue reading Two Plates Two Bowls Two Glasses

Playing With Shadows: Roser Park, St. Petersburg

Mountain Livin’

New River, North Carolina

View From Above

Appalachian Overlook, North Carolina

Into The Woods

Appalachian Overlook, North Carolina

Happy Year of the Goat! Love Always, Von

The Gist of Turkey Weekend in 4 Pictures

A dog got a bone. A turkey gets cooked without me touching it. A college football game end zone seat with my butt in it. A visit to the Fort during another stunning Florida sunset.

The Courtship of B. Tiberius and Delilah

I figured Mean Ol' Roxie had a baby. I saw a small-bodied dog standing at the patio sliding door staring out at us during our evening constitutional. Later that week, the middle-aged woman I called Roxie's Mom (even though we've been neighbors for three years), was sitting out on the patio with the baby. "Oh, … Continue reading The Courtship of B. Tiberius and Delilah