Morning River Walk

Mountain Dog

In a day's time, Roberto Tiberius has gone from puppylike couch dog to doe-startling Rotweiljäger. It's the mountain air, I tell ya, it has filled his canine lungs with the remembrance of his natural abilities, the truest call of the wild. Bobby kayaked with us up the New River, tussled with a HUGE year old … Continue reading Mountain Dog

View From My Coffee Cup

Nothing more refreshing than a cool kiss on the neck from the mild mountain breeze welcoming us back to where we call Escape to what they know as Treasure. -Von Simeon 07.16.16  

Playing With Shadows: Roser Park, St. Petersburg


Christmas Tree Farm, North Carolina

Mountain Livin’

New River, North Carolina

View From Above

Appalachian Overlook, North Carolina

Into The Woods

Appalachian Overlook, North Carolina

View From My Coffee Cup

Watauga County, North Carolina

This Is 38.

Birthday Cake Milkshake, Steak N Shake, St Pete Florida