Happy Florida Bookstore Day!

My friends Wordier Than Thou have organized the *inaugural* Florida Bookstore Day, starting this November 15th! Support your local, independent bookstores, take advantage of the events and specials in your area, and hug a Florida author! Okay, that last one was just me soliciting PDA. 😉 More info please visit: https://www.facebook.com/FloridaBookstoreDay Just a snippet of the participating … Continue reading Happy Florida Bookstore Day!

It’s My Anniversary!

One year ago, I moved from Patch.com to WordPress and never looked back!! Love my blog. Love all of you who read my blog. Keep reading, I'll keep writing! :*

RANT: What Makes A Woman Fap-able?

[NOTE: I am a retired information technology specialist. This rant is long overdue.] This week's biggest culture shock was The Fappening, and I'm not going to bother to route you to the specifics of the story. Just, once again, nudies have been made public via the zeroes and ones. It's really nice to know that … Continue reading RANT: What Makes A Woman Fap-able?

You Fall In, I Lean In.

I watched with mixed alarm/rage as he took my lap tray, my footstool, and assembled a crude end table beside my bed. Delivering my calmest, what the fuck are you doing?, he replied matter-of-fact-ly, "I go to bed with a glass of water." I watch as he places a glass full of water and his … Continue reading You Fall In, I Lean In.

I Forgot How Trains Work

 Somewhere in Oklahoma... How dare you, Union Pacific, block off the ONLY road to the neighborhood I need to get to!! Alright, fine, roll on through... ...keep it moving... ...geeeeeeeeeez how long is this train? Hurry up slowpoke... ...wait, WHAT? Why are you stopping? Here?? IN FRONT OF ME??? (several torporific minutes pass) BACKWARDS?!?! You … Continue reading I Forgot How Trains Work

The Woods Are Lovely, Dark And Deep…

But I have promises I have to keep,And miles to go before I sleep,And miles to go before I sleep.from “Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening,” by Robert FrostFatigued yet excited, I pushed my truck up a slithery thin road coated with sticky, humid fog. No lights along or on the road to guide, … Continue reading The Woods Are Lovely, Dark And Deep…