Three Years of Resident Evil

When I moved here December 8, 2011, I had only one intention; to peel away the dead flesh and let someone I'd rather know emerge. I like Von Simeon; she's a much more interesting person than whoever the fuck I was before.  Historically a flight risk, I've renewed my stay at this brownstone for yet … Continue reading Three Years of Resident Evil

Public Service Announcement From Sophia (Wisdom)

Fröhliche Kriskringlestag!

Fröhliche Kriskringlestag! Reposting this from last year, my memories of growing up German in American skin. 🙂 Enjoy!

The Archives of Von Simeon

Me, Osterholz, Germany, c. 1988. Somebody's about to get a face full of schnee! Osterholz, Germany, c. 1988. Somebody’s about to get a face full of schnee!

I’ve been to Bremen,Germany several times, mainly on guided school trips depending what was being studied, and a couple of jaunts around with the family unit, but it was the regular all-school trip to der Marktplatz on Kriskringlestag that excited me the most. My first recollection that Tuesday at the Kriskringlemarkt was of the air of happiness. Everyone was out with their families, everyone was smiling, laughing. We were lucky it hadn’t snowed that day, so the air was typical Norddeutschland cool for the year, and it wasn’t uncomfortable to be out. I thought it impressive that the German schoolkids my age weren’t out on a class trip like we were, they were out with their parents. Their parents and grandparents didn’t go to work that day.

I remember grouping in the marktplatz, our instructor offering firm…

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Let’s Dance The Anger Out

What a shitty week to be a Black American...

Please Invite Me To Your Kid’s Class… that I can pull THIS move!! 😀 The full website version

The Gist of Turkey Weekend in 4 Pictures

A dog got a bone. A turkey gets cooked without me touching it. A college football game end zone seat with my butt in it. A visit to the Fort during another stunning Florida sunset.

Buy Me A Christmas Goose!

Feelin' exceptionally gifty and philanthropical? Consider supporting your favorite independent author/publisher with the cute face and phat ass! 😀 My debut action fiction novel, I Blew Up Juarez, is a sweet 99 cents until DECEMBER 26th. Since it's self-published, I get all your pennies! My horror short story, Tokyo Rose, is the opener to Night … Continue reading Buy Me A Christmas Goose!

Dead Man’s Locker

What happens to the machine when the human abandons it? Behold, the personal computer. A Packard Bell desktop, to be precise, with all the whiz-bangs the end of the 20th century allotted: 100 megahertz Intel processor, 1 gigabyte SCSI drive, a floppy and a CD drive, and, the creme-de-la-creme, a 28.8 bits per second dial … Continue reading Dead Man’s Locker

Tales From The Notepad, Part Deux

Slow week, huh? Not really trying to work or start anything new, huh? Well, do I have the best time-wasting post for you! 😀 Revisiting my last successful and hilarious account of actual Inkpad Notepad app entries, I'm plucking out the most outrageous, spanning last summer to early 2014. Just like last time, I offer poems, … Continue reading Tales From The Notepad, Part Deux