The Marquis de Sade named because I hurt myself doing these! 😀
Also Warrior braids, the flats to the front are to keep wisps out the eyes while driving. The flats to the back allow me to fit a cap in sketchy places.
BUT, technique requires constant tension, thus my need to drop some ibuprofen before I get a migraine!
How do they say…? Beauty is pain? Well, so is functional hairstyling haha!

BASICS: Part bang area to desired pattern, four tails to mid scalp. The loosed nape hair finishes the tails into two sets of French braids. Set with a satin wrap and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “The Marquis de Sade

    1. Consider this: you can braid your wife’s hair following the visuals. She’ll either love you or hate you extremely for it; I say give it a go anyways. 😛

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