A Vampire In The Hospital

For my art, I prefer to be paid food first, then cash, then weed. So when a fellow poet and dear friend sent me this text, I was too happy to oblige:


In an ironically super useful way, this project aligned with a current project I’m doing for a horror anthology; the main character volunteers at a hospice! This commission would be good practice in translating my terror into fantasy, like I’m trying to do with Millie.

When I poet, I first deliver a freestyle, then I apply the technical aspects, and finish with honing and planing the poem to its essence. Well…the commissioner’s time schedule and mine weren’t in sync, so I hadn’t gotten to the technical phase when she asked for the poem. Guiltily, I scrambled to clean up the freestyle and submitted it. I emphasized it wasn’t my best work and, had I managed my time better, her patient would have his poem.

Deep down I was saddened, knowing that meant I was out a meal. You guys know how much food means to me; it felt like I was dumped by a wonderful potential mate.

But then I get a text saying, he loved it! She had read him my rough draft after all! For someone who doesn’t enjoy violence or darkness she enjoyed the story. I appreciated hearing that, especially because she’s an artist who fairly critiques.  So, I got my commission in the form of a great lunch at Community Cafe on Central Ave and I have another satisfied customer. Huzzah!

Here’s the commissioned product, very rough and yes, I could do better:

A vampire in the hospital061614

And for a bonus, the song I used to get into the mood:

5 thoughts on “A Vampire In The Hospital

  1. Just a thought: being paid in weed opens you up to elements of life you probably need to leave behind. Just sayin’. Not sure if the apostrophe goes before or after the period in “sayin'”. And there, too.

    1. You could argue the same for food and money! But as they say, the first guy to extol on the ills of a thing probably never has tried it. Just sayin’. That’s the correct usage by the way. 😉 And I’m breaking your balls by the way.

    1. Thanks! I’m just now entering into this realm, wasn’t sure if I hit the right notes. Helps to know you’re a fan of the sub-genre IT; I’ll definitely run my stuff by you (if you don’t mind).
      Enjoy the day!

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