Clearing Out



This Mem Day Weekend I chose to tackle the leaning bookcase, see what we could alleviate from its shelves. Let’s discuss this stack that made the “donate the local library” pile (top to bottom):

1) Izzo, et al. – You can tell how much you mature as a person when you no longer feel the need to purchase books with titles including the word “guide.” Age-appropriate book, it’s geared towards the fresh out of undergrad chick population. This book provided me that most money of lines, “You can have a great job, a great boyfriend and a great apartment. But only two at once.”

2) Bank – This book was a reco by my first grad school roommate, a deranged, self-congratulating MFA student. I should’ve known the protagonist was a naive, vulnerable, indecisive retard desperate for a man to rescue her. Daddy issues out the wazoo, just like that asshole ex-roommate.

3) Moore – This is a shit book. Shit story, moves slower than molasses uphill. But I held on to it for so long because I bought it at Old Tampa Book Company off of Ashley Drive in Downtown Tampa. I kept a book to keep a memory of Florida, but now that I’m here, why the fuck do I still have this shit book??

4) McLaughlin, et al. – One of the few books I owned that made me laugh hysterically. Very fun, neatly self-deprecating, and just love how the protag earns her quiet victories. They made a movie of this, right?

5) Wood – Another Old Tampa Book Company find. This was a boner crippler. The title was a pull, the synopsis was intriguing, but once I engaged, it was dumb! The author had a great premise, had a great back story, but then slapped too much jargon in it in an attempt to demonstrate, I dunno, technological competency? with the consequence of sloppy story delivery. Glad I only paid a dollar for it.






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